About Gravel and Tar

Gravel and Tar was born out of the boredom we faced wearing black, grey, and navy running shorts- blending in with the gravel and tar we were running on. Our mission is to bring some fun and color to running and exercise shorts, all while aiming for excellent quality and comfort.

Our shorts are made from polyester, lightweight, breathable and quick dry outer fabric, with a polyester/spandex liner. These shorts are not only stylish but also practical, perfect for those long runs and intense workout sessions. With plenty of pockets in all the right spots, you can focus on your run and not on your stuff.

So, join us and add some serious fun to your workout with Gravel and Tar.

  • Kev Lieberthal - Founder

    Meet Kevin, the founder of Gravel and Tar and an ultra-marathon runner (2 x Comrades) with over 15 marathons under his belt. He's known for his bright socks and shoes, and now he's bringing that same bold style to running shorts.

    When he's not pounding the pavement, Kev is a physiotherapist with a special interest in running and lower limb injuries. And when he's not working or running, you can find him hanging with the kids, chowing down on a steak, or catching some z's on the couch. And let's just say, you'll never catch him watching one of Loz's choice of Netflix series.

    But his passion for running and desire for fun, functional and colorful shorts led him to launch Gravel and Tar, a brand that promises to shake up the running shorts game.

  • Lauren (Loz) Lieberthal - Creative Director

    Meet Loz, the creative director of Gravel and Tar and a runner in her own right. She may not have as many km's under her belt as Kev, but she's still conquered the Comrades, Berlin, Melbourne, Canberra and Gold Coast marathons. Loz is the mastermind behind the bright and fun prints you'll see on our shorts.

    When she's not picking out the next colorful range or handling all things social media for Gravel and Tar, she's busy running her own small handmade jewellery business. Creativity is never far away for Loz. As a busy mum, she's also the taxi driver, cleaner, cook, and maid to the kids. But at the end of the day, you can find her relaxing on the couch, binge-watching a crime show on Netflix.

    It was their passion for running and desire to provide more fun shorts options that led them to launch Gravel and Tar, a brand that promises to shake up the running shorts game.